As the title says, I'm working on a Paint it black cover. I haven't heard many punk style covers of this song (even though it's been done a million times) and figured it would be fun to do. I have a rough recording of the guitar down though I'm going to re-record it soon. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas they can throw out to help me on the way. Right now I have the verse playing:

A 5--7--8--10--8--7--5--5--4--5--7--5--4
D 7--9--10-12-10-9--7--7--6--7--9--7--6
G 7--9--10-12-10-9--7--7--6--7--9--7--6

Played as eighth notes, where the last 577 having a quick stall then into the last chord.

The chorus riff is similar to the stones though quicker, the intro is also the same as the stones (can't think of any other way to do it)

If anyone has any suggestions it would help greatly. Thanks