I am after geting a tube head for my cab as i want a upgrade from my pretty crap avt50h i am torn between getting a marshall dsl50 and a marshalltsl60. which do you think would be best. i play in a band in which i play lead and most of the songs are pretty rocked up so clean isnt really an issue to me. any opinions welcome.
cheers guys

keep rocking
^ What kind of muisc do you play? As far as the amps you listed Personally I like the DSL better, plus I don't really need that extra channel, so its pretty much a waste for me. The newer Marshall are not the same as the older ones, they are much more modern sounding, and a lot less Marshall sounding. Don't get me wrong some people love them but me personally I like the JCM 800 or even a JCM 900 much better, thats the type of marshall sound that I have come to love. Personally I would look into one of thous. They are older and you would have to go used, but a JCM 800 would be great for you if you don't need cleans, since its a one channel amp. They are a better amp too IMO, but the JCM 2000 my be to your liking, I personally would play through one, they are a fine amp, but I would rather have the JCM 800 or a 900 for sure.