Gday, i installed a new pickup and mechanism and jack into my crappy old guitar (only running one pickup). It is an EMG 81, it all works properly, except the volume control only works when the lead is plugged half in. If i plug the lead fully in, the volume control is just on full all the time?

I double checked the wiring and it looks all good, do u think it could b the jack? I dunno what to do

Any help would b great, thanks
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Did you replace the pots with 25ks?

It sounds like an issue with the jack wiring though.
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Sounds like some sort of problem with the emg's switching on, double check ALL your wiring.
its on the SITE WEBSITE FAQ!!

(i think)

you just have two of the wires backwards
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i installed a new pickup

Yep, there's your problem.

Check the pots, jack, lead etc etc..