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roland cube 60
8 38%
randall RG75G3
12 57%
Voters: 21.
vote who amp is better for black metal(immortal,dimmu borgir,meyhem),explain why
vote that amp.
my flatmate has the 100 watt version of the randall and it gives a very nice metal tone, beware this amp only does metal and hard rock but the cleans sound decent to my ear
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i have no experience with Randalls, but i do have the Cube, and it's amazing.
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i have a EHX big muff,which amp is better with pedals?
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i have a EHX big muff,which amp is better with pedals?

Probably the cube.
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The Randall G3 series amps are mediocre at most things but will do certain types of metal quite well. Black metal would be one of the things it's good at.
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