Hi everyone

I've got a bit of a techy question. Bought a D28 with a factory fitted Fisman mike which is powered by a battery which is mounted inside the body of the guitar.Unfortunately the unit has come unstuck & it's going to be re-mounted by the shop which got me thinking....

If I'm not planning on using the mike in the near future do you think I should remove the battery in case it leaks!!!

Also the tech info states a 220 hour battery life. How does the unit switch on & off. Is it when you plug in?

Would I be better to have the thing removed altogether if I'm not certain I may use it in the future.

All advice greatly received
The battery probably powers the preamp too. So if you plan on plugging in at all, I'd leave the battery in there. I can't imagine you'd have a problem with a battery leaking...because if there are conditions that are causing that, its probably the least of your worries with the guitar.

And yes, when you plug the guitar in, the preamp and pickup are turned on.

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