I have a mexi strat and it has these tuners on: Standard Cast/Sealed Tuning Machines.

There are no screws at the back. I'm set on replacing them with either the American Standard gold tuners, cause i can find a seller, or Sperzels, if i can find them. Those that do not need screws to be installed, since my strat does not have screws at the back. Cause it does not have screws, I have absolutely no idea how to remove the tuners. Can someone help me?

and please dont tell me to go send it in to a guitar tech. it costs a bomb to get anything done here. and i want to learn too.

it looks like this:

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On the top-side, the peg (where you lace the string) the peg itself is the screw. look and youll see that the base of the peg is a nut. so all you'll need is a ratchet or wrench. (preff ratchet, you'll only get small turns with a wrench and youre more likely to round off the nut.

hope that helps
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Most fenders have a pin coming out of the back of the tuner rather than a screw like many other brands. Its really rare to be able to put a set of aftermarket tuners in a guitar without needing to drill another hole for the pin or screw.
I replaced my tuners with the fender gold and it was just pop and swap
I have an american with sperzels on it. I had to drill a small hole for the guide pin to fit into. Basically, I just put it in place, made sure it looked straight, and pushed the pin into the wood to make a mark, and drilled a little hole there. Worked fine.

Sperzel's are great, I love them. So quick and easy to change strings. I hate messing with winding my other guitars now though

I also have a Mex that I put the American tuners onto. They fit no problem.
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cruc1a7 Yea I would imagine fender tuners would fit in a fender guitar that came with fender tuners. But just about anything else will have a different set up. Spertzels were close but still needed a new hole when I put some in mine.
I am thinking i may go with schallers.They will fit a mim strat.yes there is a nut that hold your heads in place.yes there is a pin hole to.If it was me ,i would have my setup tech do the work.I am not good with power tools lol jmo ken
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