I was at a local music store yesterday, where they sell alot of older guitars, and the lady that worked there found out I played bass and directed me to this one case. When I opened it there was possibly the nicest bass I've ever seen. But I cant find anything about it on the internet. So I need help. It says its an Aria bass, and it looks kind of like an Explorer. Its like an off yellow color and has a lighting bolt graphic going diagnoly across the body. Its got a gold bridge and tuners, dual humbuckers, a volume and tone knob and a pick up selector. It had more writing on the headstock but I cant remember what all it said. But can anybody give me a website or atleast a general price for this bass or any information they have about it?
I searched "Aria explorer bass" on Google, and most of the results came up with...

The Aria Pro II ZZB series bass.