laid back beach look...sandals, khaki shorts, backwards unfitted hats. My band plays oar, chili peppers, dave matthews, tom petty...so it seems to work
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we dont perticularly have an image we just wear what we'd usualy wear, jeans, t-shirt.
personally if i go to see a band and theyre all wearing some dress code it makes me double think there reasons for playing music in the 1st place.
AC/DC shirt and ripped jeans. I play in a prog band so image really isn't what I'm really focused on. In my metal side band though it's leather pants and a black suede vest!
Out here you've gotta know where your towel is!
a club filled with cigarr smoke, a bar in the back with some men standing drinking a beer, some people sitting at the tables, most of them watching the stage.
The stage: a band abit pushed back but still visible enough, spotlight from behind on this bigger (not rly fat, but still abit) short-haired dude with black glasses and a blue suit.
The dudeness: Playing on a tenor saxophone, a nice jazz solo and you can't see his face nor him that clear since the vague spotlight from behind and the smoke filling up the club.

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my image? you're kidding right? i wear khakis and a button up shirt so the sheep won't suspect the wolf.

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i have a shag hair wise and kinda dress like a "prep". so like polos and jeans or what ever and sometimes i wear a band shirt like the beatles or something. so i guess i look like one of those prep acoustic players who like jack johnson. but really i play more electric stuff like SRV, hendrix and eric johnson. although, i do play acoustic stuff too. but mostly electric.
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button up shrit with rolled up sleeves with straight jeans(not skinny jeans, like those super tight form fitting ones, just staight leg) and aviators.

same here
Herman li may not be able to play **** but damn hes got style

/ultimate guitarist look