Hi, so I'm currently using a Zoom G2.1u multi effects pedal. I plan on ditching it sometime to start up a decent rig, but its all I have for now.

Anyway, the pedal's been giving me problems in the last few months. It started when I was doing soundcheck before a gig. When I put it on distortion, my Fender Strat started giving a lot of high pitched feedback when i touched the strings. When I held the strings it stopped. When I gently brushed against the strings, the feedback came back again. Then I tried my PRS and it was fine.
The same thing happened again at another gig not long ago so once again I had to only use my PRS. Someone said that its probably the pickups on my Fender.

Also, at home, when I plug my Fender into the Zoom and into my amp it makes a lot of buzzing static noise, especially when I turn the volume knob up/down. It doesn't give me the high pitched feedback though, so I'm guessing that's related to the volume. Either way, I don't have this problem with my PRS.

Now I know it sounds like its my Fender with the problem, but without the pedal it doesn't give me any trouble. My friend played live with it and he had no feedback problems.

Can anyone give me the lowdown on what the problem might be? I mean, it could probably be both the pedal and the Fender, but I'm not sure.

Thanks in advance.
It wont be the pedal that making the problem.

Check the strats wiring for any loose connections.
As with the Fender's feedback problem check it for any loose connections and solder joints and remember that single coils don't tolerate distortion like humbuckers because the input willl be too much for them to handle!
As for the static sound it could be that some interferences are occuring (were you near a pc??) + grounding is ok if when you touch the strings static stops.

And the buzzing noise when adjusting volume is :

i) either a dirty volume pot (to clean it temporaly turn volume up and down for a couple mins.)
ii) faulty volume pot (can easily be replaced if you're familiar with soldering)

If buzzing can't really be controlled, a noise gate can solve all your problems. I suggest the Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor!

Hope that helped!!
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If buzzing can't really be controlled, a noise gate can solve all your problems. I suggest the ISP Decimator!

Hope that helped!!

there you go, fixed.
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