Basically, I just wanted to know the difference between these two amps. I wanted to buy a small practice amp, and I wonder, is the Spider III an upgrade of the Spider II, or something like that?
Please, don't make this a thread about how good or how crappy the sound of this amp is. I know it's digital distortion, but I asume it and accept it. Just explain to me which the difference between both amps is.
Thank you!
II is the old model, III is the newer
like mentioned above, go to the site and check it out

but Id consider something else honestly

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Spider III has loads of confusing present thingys which are "made by to pros"... apparently...
I have a Spider II, it's a lot more easier to use than the III in my opinion (in other words, there isn't a bazillion menus to scroll through to find a tone remotly useable)