well seeing as i love the tone of my Little Giant i'm heavily considering buying the Handsome Devil head within a number of months for cleans-while-jamming-loud volume. this would make my third full tube amp and give me a great practice/jam amp head, jamming amp head, both being able to use the same cab, and i already have a 50 watt RM50 for my american voiced everything from jazz to death metal. i mean i'd be pretty much set i think.

so i'd have a giggable amp for vintage/british sounds and one for modern sounds.

sounds pretty good to me. plus it's only $300 new, and i could prolly talk the price down if the local shop gets one in.

though i might buy some necessary FX first, such as a phaser and delay. and reverb. in fact reverb will prolly be the first thing to get.

ideas? suggestions?
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