Hey guys,

I have to play a duet with a saxophonist for music class.
Just one guitar (electric/jazz) and a saxophone. Pretty strange combination, but does anyone have some tips or songs we could use?

reel big fish, streellight manifesto, ska in general.

edit: goldfinger's song superman is amazing if u wanna check that out.
Blue Bossa would sound great, he could do alot of improv too, which is always great.
But almost any famous Jazz standard would work.

Some other suggestions:
Girl From Ipanema
Autumm Leaves (Warning: Your teacher might go on a killing spree while hearing it if he was a Jazz student)
How High the moon
Take the A train
For long you live and high you fly
But only if you ride the tide
And balanced on the biggest wave
You race toward an early grave.

Ben Hamelech
Johnny B. Goode
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goldfinger's song superman is amazing if u wanna check that out.

+1, the trumpet could work on saxophone, and would sound brilliant if you sang it too!
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Listen to some of the Pink Floyd songs such as:

Money, Shine On You Crazy Diamond
peanuts and beers
Baker Street - Gerry Rafferty

Epic saxophone and guitar track!!!

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