How would a jem neck (with 22 frets) fit an s540?
...Rather, would it fit or not?
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well they do the s5470 now which has a wizard neck on, so it's probably possible... check how the necks bolt on though (the bolts might be in different positions or such...)
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On an HSH, it wouldn't. On a HSS, it might if you deepen the neck pocket. And there's more to it than just that (neck joint compatibility and such).
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Wait. . you have a JEM neck with 22 frets? Excuse me?


JEMs have 24 fret necks, do they not?
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THe new Ibanez s series have 24frets now.
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THe new Ibanez s series have 24frets now.

it's only the one prestige model isn't it?

and I've heard that they have serious sustain issues.
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The new Ss are probably owned by VERY few people as they aren't officially released yet I believe?
(however on projectmusic.net they're selling them early! If I had £800 I'd get in there!)
So this guy is talking about a 22 fretter.
You could probably do it with some adjustments, moving the neck pickup/changing it to a singlecoil (or taking it away), though it's a bit of work I hope you know!