alright this is my problem. i have ok stretch but only while playing certain notes. ie..if i am playing the E on the 3rd fret, then playing e on the 4th fret, i am having trouble stretching. i use the one finger per fret rule so i would be using middle finger for the E and ring for the e. but i cant seem to get my ring finger right next to the fret marker. only till the middle of the fret and i get that buzz every time. is this a normal part of getting hands used to stretching or are my hands deformed? lol
I have the same problem dude and im a begginer.

Eventually your fingers will develop the ability to strech farther, sometimes even more than 1 finger for fret. Just do some finger placement exercises and you should get better at it.
Ya i definitely have the same problem as you. What i've found is that doing excersizes that make you use all 4 fingers helps out a ton. One that i learned that really helped me get used to using all my fingers was a practice where you just play with your first finger on the first fret, and then 2nd on 2nd fret, etc, to the pinky on the 4th fret.

Then just do this:

Play 1, then 3. Then 2, then 4. Then go down a string and do it again on the next string down. then once u get to the last one, play it and then reverse it and go back up. Do that a few times and you're sure to increase your finger flexibility.... it does hurt like hell though at first lol. Talk about cramping Something to make it easier is just do 2 fingers at a time instead of all 4, like 1 and 3. Then once you're done going up and down the strings, switch and do 2 and 4. Just make sure to keep your fingers on the right frets.
If your having this problem mainly on the big E, check your thumb positioning behind the neck. If you have your thumb up over the neck, it hurts your stretching on the bass strings.

Or are you having trouble with playing consecutive frets on different strings? Im kinda confused.
Maybe he's trying to play them both at the same time or something? I would think that very minor movement would allow you to transition those notes. Also maybe doing what Flightposite suggested and try moving the thumb around and trying different grips would allow the movement that he is looking for. I've found i have to move my thumb around a lot depending on where i play on the guitar. But i'm still a newbie
I am not exactly sure what you are trying to say, but I do use a Dexterity exercise that I found and recreated in Guitar Pro and it's really helped.

pm me and I will send you the GP file.