So, I'm not in school, not in a band at the moment, and have crappy gear. I can get a job, and since I'm still a teenager, I don't really have many financial responsibilities. I don't have a rush to get a good amp any time soon, so I was considering saving up for something that'd last me a LONG time.

Now, to start things off, I like a little bite to my sound, but sometimes for a good vintage song I like to make it a bit warmer. I do plan to gig in the future, so a little amp won't do, I'm talking about saving up for something that'd make people wet themselves.

I've tried a few different things, just to get a feel for different brands. GK, Ampeg, etc. I keep falling back to MarkBass, so amps with a similar tone and quality are what I want.

I'm considering just saving up for pretty much the highest end amp MarkBass has to offer, but since I have a lot of time to decide, I'm asking UG, any opinions or ideas?

Thanks in advance.
i think you know what you want so go for it
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Maybe try a Trace Elliot, but other than that,if you like the MarkBass, get it. Its your opinion that matters, not ours, so maybe try something else but get what you want, not what we tell you. That being said, you seem to have tried a lot, so you would have a good idea by now what you like, so again, try a Trace Elliot, I love their amps, but if the MarkBass sounds better to you, that's what you should get.
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I'll make sure to at least try Trace Elliot, but don't worry, I don't let other people make my decisions. :P I just figured it'd be a lot easier to save up and get a nice amp that could last me forever, rather than just jumping from rig to rig, you know?
I'm also a big fan of trace eliot. But try some stuff before you make the actual purchase.
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No worries, I have quite a bit of time until I'll have enough money, so I'm not really rushing my decision. :P I always do my window shopping with no money; reduces impulse buying.