After doing some research on the forums and just around the internet, I've become quite fond of the B-52 AT-100. Though before I actually consider buying one, I'd like just a few minor reviews. I've read some reviews on musiciansfriend and they've all been great. My budget would probably have to be around $600 at the moment. I've looked at the Peavy VK, but the AT just tickles my fancy a little more. Right now I just own a Crate GFX-1200H head and a flexwave cab (working on better). The GFX is screeching horrible on anything over 2 gain just here recently so I'm assuming it's about had it.

Any other suggestions?
haha I'm well aware of the wattage. Figured I'd try to get something that would leave me room to open up in larger venues
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haha I'm well aware of the wattage. Figured I'd try to get something that would leave me room to open up in larger venues

50w tubes is best for that man, my jcm has a 25/50w switch and i go 25 for bedroom (still at very low volumes) and im just cranking it at practice but thats only on the master the preamp is only about half so it could go even louder, 50w is only for gigs and sometimes its not even need there
I own the AT-212 combo, which is the same amp as the AT-100 head. I definitely don't think you can go wrong with this amp. I absolutely love it.
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Well everything sounds pretty good. I may give it a little more checking into, but as is I'm pretty convinced ^_^
Nice choice, B52's are nice. Glad to see you didn't go with the Valueking lol.
Yeah, I have a B-52 At stack. I really love this amp. They cleans blew me away. The OD blew me away. Its 3 channel(1 clean, 2 distortion). Its got tons of headroom. Its awsome. I love, you'll love, we all love it.
Haha, awsome. Right now I'm trying to get my electronic drumset sold to go ahead and get it instead of paying for it through my paycheck.. Mainly because I get paid bi-weekly and it'll take me a while. Lol plus I have shows coming up. I'll just be using my friend's Blue Voodoo for next week's show.

Lastnight I told him what I was probably going to be buying and he said they weren't very reliable. I haven't heard any bad reviews on this amp yet so I'm assuming it must be atleast somewhat reliable =P.

Thanks again
I have the AT-100 head and love it. I feel (and sound) like i'm playing with the big boys now...
I'm not sure if there are any reliability problems (at least nothing major I think), but the older models had problems with overheating and such. That's fixed now, tho.
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