Hi, Im fairly new to guitar. I picked up my first guitar in 2003 and took lessons for a few months and then stopped because i was frustrated with how my teacher was just teaching me songs and nothing else. I know basic chords and thats about it. I can play some songs that i have taught myself through tabs but i feel i am lacking serverly as i want to be able to write my own music. My question is where should i start? I dont really have alot of money to invest in expensive lessons or books or things of that nature. Can anyone reccommend somewhere online where i can start teaching myself. I know NO music theory whatsoever and can not read a lick of musical notes. Ive done tons of searching online and can not find a good place to start. Most places start with extreme basics that i know or jump right into notes which i do not understand. I need to learn theory and scales and such but just havent figured out a good way to do so. Please help!
you can get a good beginner guitar book for about $10, thats what I use.

I do songs too, but a book gets you in the right dierection.
Hmm... you want to WRITE music you say? Gee that ain't easy pal so all I can say is best of luck to you... you might just want to self-teach yourself and (try to) perfect techniques that you render useful when playing songs... such as alternate/tremolo picking, sweep picking, barre chords, power chords... and when you start writing your first tabs just blend in a few of these techniques and see what you come up with. Make tabs more interesting and advanced the further you progress... add bends, slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs, trills... say, if you make a tab make sure you distribute it! If you want to, that is... I'm not saying I won't come to your house and eat you if you don't give them to me...