I bought a 3 tone sunburst American highway one stratocaster off ebay. When i won it, i thought it was a American Standard(errrr) The paint on the guitar is dull as on every highway one. So i was wondering if instead of reselling it, i was wondering if there is really any difference between the American standard and the Highway One. Becasue if it's just the paint then can i bring it to someone to finish in with like a gloss?? But if there is a difference, then i will just resell it. Thanks!

I really need your help!!
I think you'd get more help in Electric Guitar.

I don't really know the answer.
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I've read that you can buff out the finish on a HY1. Remember tho, the finish isn't that thick so be careful.
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my hw1 is a flat finish 3 color sunburst as well but where my arm rest on the cutaway is very shiny now after very litte use so im thinking about buffing the whole guitar to a gloss
So all i need to do is buff the guitar and then put gloss on it and i will basically have the body i want???
^^pretty much, and imo you dd be better off with that bufffed out than a standard because the hy1 has a nitrocellulose finish where as the american standard has a polyurathane finish. i liked mine more than pretty much all the standards i ve played
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IMO the dull finish is great. Maybe keep for a while to see if it grows on you. You don't wanna mess up a guitar like that.
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iv'e had a hiway1 tele for about six months now, and iv'e found the same thing to happens where i rest my arm, the oil from my skin and light amounts of movemant seemed to have brought i nice gloss to the area.
so all i can suggest is a very fine buffing compound with a soft cloth of some descripton. even some sort of wax perhaps?
But no one has answered my last question. Would a deluxe players neck be good with the highway one body? I think it will look and sound very nice.


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Yeah sure that neck would be fine, but you know what other neck would be fine? THE ONE THAT'S ON THE GUITAR NOW.

You already made another thread about replacing all the electronics and the pick guard... Why the hell did you buy this guitar if you're just gonna completely change it? Why not buy parts and make your own?

Sorry if it seems like I'm kind of reaming you here, but new members need to know these things. I try not to be mean (but I am anyway.... sorry) So no hard feelings.
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