Is the ValveKing good for classic rock n roll distortion (Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, GNR and that kind of sutff)? Or does it have more of a 80's shred kind of tone?

Yes. Try searching.
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you sir, are the ultimate UG stereotype, praise a not so good metal player, zakk, put down other peoples playing, seriously say I WAS GONAA PLAYZ SOME UBER LEEDS LOZLOERLS~1!!!11!, and then critique epiphones as if there worth a second glance
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for the bands you listed, suggest a peavey classic 30, i can do all those really well (anything heavier than gnr you might need a pedal)

+1 The Classics are well suited for many styles, great for any thing less than metal, if you have the right guitar, and or a OD pedal. Awesome amp, its what I use.
That is the main stuff I play but I play metal every now and then. Not so much that I want a metal amp though. What decent pedal do you recommend for higher gain?

The Valveking can do classic rock fine. Your going to be lacking a little bit on the marshall tone side of things but its not tp big of an issue. Whats funny is since my tube change from blown tubes to JJ's it actually sounds more Classic rock/80 Thrash now. This is the first time i have ever been able to get a good Metallica tone out of it...