Ok, I've got around $550 , and I'm having a "hankering" for a tube amp.. being that I've been playing on Solid State amps for just about ever, I'd love some suggestions from the well rounded UG community. Amp model ? Pro's ? cons ? .. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.. There is a tonal quality in tube amps that cannot be emulated by a pedal, and is no-where to be found with a solid state amp.. the only way I can get beautiful Tube sound.. is with a beautiful tube amp !! thanks
What type of music do you Play? Off the cuff I would say a Peavey Classic 30 they are one of the best amp under a 1000 dollars thats extermly versitile, they are great for ever thing less than metal.
peavey valveking is a great buy. like johnbryant said, the classic 30 is amazing too.

those amps are highly versatile. when you get into amps like the fender pro jr, you're looking into specifical sounds. i bought my pro jr specifically for the warm *clean* sound. but a buddy of mine has the valveking and i love it too.

the vox ac15 is ok... some people love it and some don't. i didn't like it when i played it, it was too mellow-sounding.

these are all around your price range. remember you can search youtube and find sound clips there too.