Wow. Sure is an interesting song. The rhythm is great there. It has that kinda up-beat rhythm to it, which gives it a distinct tone from most songs I see here on this forum. The rhythm sounded like it is an orchestral piece, but you played it using just guitars. Awesome . Although, I think the song is too straight-forward. It have the chance to progress into a new chord progression that I think you should utilize. It's also a tad too short imo.

But overall, I can't say many thing about this song, as it is already good the way it is. I would usually suggest people to insert a solo or a lead work, but it already felt right, and so I think there is no need for an extended solo. Although, giving it a solo could never do any harm lol.

All in all, it's a great song, although it felt a bit too empty as the bass did not fill the low registry. Not that it's bad - unique, even - but it felt a bit too hollow. But if what you want is no synth, then so be it . However, I am curious. What's your influence in writing this?

8.7/10 from me. C4C? It's the second one at my sig, the progressive symphonic metal one.