Does anyone know a decent free wma to mp3 converter? I have tried googling but so many programs are crappy and heavily limited trial versions, it'd take years to find anything decent. I need something can convert large numbers of files in one go, any tips?

itunes ftw
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Itunes only converts to AAC cause ipods are for gays. Just go to mininova.org and torrent it
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Itunes only converts to AAC cause ipods are for gays. Just go to mininova.org and torrent it

no, it doesn't.

go to preferences>advanced>importing>import using "MP3 Encoder" then select the song(s) you want to convert, go to advanced>convert selection to MP3
Actually iTunes will change many formats in to mp3 or what ever you want and you can set it to convert most things. it does convert things from wma as long as it isnt protected.
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I just use Adobe After Effects and export as an mp3 instead of a movie.

But thats expensive, so just ignore me.

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thanks for all this info guys, i am looking for something that will convert them
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If you have WMP 10, it has that converter as an available plug-in.
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iTunes is what I use now. I used to use stand alone programs but found them to contain malware or was limited innumber of songs.
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