im looking at buying a new amp head and im thinking of a marshall vintage modern
i have a gibson les paul standard faded and play a lot of blues and rock songs and hendrix style songs. i also have a fender stratocaster and a esp explorer.
what head is the best for me?
whats your favorite head and why
tell me about your experiences with certain amp heads
If I could have any Marshall ever made it would be that one, sounds perfect for you.
Good luck
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meh, the vintage modern was ok when i tried it, not great unless you can really crank it (which i could not for very long) and it was made for more hard rock than blues rock

check out the classic 30 head, i have the combo and it's great for blues rock (you'd need a fuzz for hendrixy stuff)

maybe even check out the Palomino V32H or the Crate V Series V33H (though i have no idea what your budget is)

if you have your heart set on a marshall head, go check out ceritones 's jtm 45 or bluesbreaker head (the only difference being the bluesbreaker has tremelo), they make awsome marshall clones, the JTMs were pretty much made for blues rock
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