Anyone know how good is this "Vintage" guitar brand? I'm planing to buy a new guitar, does Vintage make good guitars?

For beginners guitars they're OK. My first ever acoustic was a vintage and it played just fine. Relatively low action, quite bassy, did what was required to hone in my guitar skills. Honestly, if you have the money (i.e £300/$600) I'd buy something better though.
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Ive got one, quite bassy like said above. The real reason they're worth looking into is I think they do the cheapest solid top on the market.
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Then what about this Ibanez?

Looks nice and cheap, but is that a good guitar?

Avoid all Ibanez. Yes, there are good ones out there... but their quality is VERY suspect, so avoid Ibanez. im sure Chad could tell you all the things that he has seen in the repair shop.