I recently bought a beautiful Art & Lutherie acoustic guitar. I play alot of different style of songs. I recently learned Mood for a day and Brian Wilson. I write my own music as well, but I just want some songs that are good to sing too. I want to sing someting to my girlfriend so romatic would be great. Thanks.
More then words - Extreme. cheesey but the women love it.
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romantic hey?
try: you and me by lifehouse
it's real easy to play as well, so u can focus more on ur singing
Laid - Matt Nathanson
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If you're new, I suggest some John Mayer, or some of the easier songs by Jack Johnson, such as Banana Pancakes, or Better Together.

If you're an expert, and you're into fingerstyle (which I am), go to Youtube and listen to some Kotaro Oshio stuff.. He's amazing.. And last but not least, fingerstyle God, Andy Mckee.
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Laid - Matt Nathanson

While I love Matt Nathanson, he didn't write the song, James did.

Anyways, we have a ton of these threads.

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