Hi. We have a 2 guitarists and a bassist. We're looking for a drummer (pref with double pedal) plus must be able to travel to practice (we don't care how :P) and have your own drum kit. The band is looking to be a rock/hard rock/metal band.

Singer must also be able to travel, and must be able to sing melodically and/or scream sing. gender is not an issue as far as i know

All applicants must be dedicated, and must be between 15 - 19 years old.

I'll post any information Ive forgotten later.
hey i heard you guy were looking for a singer, well i might be the guy your lookin for if you wanna contact me then my msn addy is tom_simnett@hotmail.co.uk and my phone number is07774778231, my name is tom simnett and i am 16, plz reply back soon, oh yeah and i live in stretton.