So hey, I just recorded this song, It's around 5:00 and progressive (imo). It combines metal with rock with jazz. Let me know what you think, and I will let you know what I think of your stuff. It's called "Prototype Jazz/Metal"

Also, there is supposed to be piano at the end, check the MIDI included to see how it will sound, if your curious, that's why the end sounds incomplete.

And, as always, C4C, thanks.

MIDI of metal-jazz.zip
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Oh thanks aseme, for all that constructive criticism.

It was constructive criticism.

Things to learn:

1) Figure out a way to achieve better tone when recording
2) Don't let your volumes peak so its all crackly
3) When you mix it all together, don't let one instrument be abnormally louder than the rest. (the drums in your song are too loud)
It's a bit repetative imo. But that's just me. I do like the song overall though. Just needs a few tweaks in the drums and volume control.

I can understand why you called it a Metal/Jazz tune. It does sound somewhat jazzy through the song. My suggestion is that you put a riff of some kind over the piano part towards the end. It seems to go from Metal/Jazz to straight jazz very quickly. I'm not saying you have to make the whole thing Metal/Jazz, just try to even it out. I understood what you were trying to do in the song overall, which was good. I also agree with some of the other posts. Hope this helps.

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Not crazy about the bass tone, I'm sorry that I'm not able to figure out why, it just kind of grates. I'd maybe think about having the guitar and bass varying slightly, instead of doing the same things. The drumming's well done.
Bits of it remind me of Mastadon. You definitely cover a lot of ground, with the different sections

The tom work on the drums about 3 minutes in is cool, and the change of pace and mood is cool, though it sounds a bit like two tracks melded together. Nice smooth jazz lead playing in this part, and the bass seems to doing something necessary, rather than just going with the guitar.
Definitely an interesting listen.

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Some how reminds me of Dream Theater and Mastodon. Mixing needs work. I like the song though, its interesting, especially those irregular time signiatures.

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