Hi my gear right now is a Gibson SG Special and a Schecter C-1. My amp is a Spider 2 210 and i have a few pedals like the Boss TU-2 and Equalizer. I go away to school and live in a dorm and cannot have a really big amp because of my neighbors. I want to do one of two things. Either purchase a Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR or buy a new (tube) amp. I have a small practice crate amp that is eh, but I was thinking that i could just use the crate and buy a distortion pedal instead of buying a whole new amp. I just need advice on whether it makes sense to upgrade to a combo amp like say a Valveking 112/Randall, or to get the guitar considering my situation.

When i return home from school i will be playing in a small band and am wondering if the Spider will be enough. I play hard rock-metal, but also sometimes jazzy stuff. Any advice would be great. Thanks
spider will be enough but its still an aweful amp, a tube amp is a wise investment,
im movin away next year too and im just gonna buy a pocket pod so i can get half decent tones (just for practice) and wont annoy the other ppl,
bear in mind not everyone like guitar music no matter how good you are, my neighbour plays and it annoys the hell outa me. so playing an insturement in close quarters with ppl you dont know is a good way of making enemies.
I have no need for a half stack really. If i would get a tube amp it would be a combo. I was thinking of a multi-effects processor but i am not so sure about them. How good/reliable are they and what about the guitar with my small amp and a distortion pedal?