The guitar i'm planning to build is going to be a set neck les paul, i'm gonna fit a kahler or floyd to it. Now i know that usual LP's have TOM bridges which require a neck angle, but do the kahlers or floyd roses need the angle? if so what is the angle and where do you measure it from?

one more thing, i'm leaning towards the kahler because its easier to route and easier to use generally, so when you've measured the distance from the 12th fret to the nut and you mark out the position do you line up the saddles along this line or would you put it in such a way that you would just use the intonation adjusting screws to get it right?

p.s i know i've probably phrased this wrong

£130 saved up out of £270.
^You should have the high E saddle almost all the way towards the front, and that should be exactly where you measure the scale length to. Then you'll intonate the lower strings backwards accordingly.

And no- Kahlers and FRs don't need a neck angle.

Also, Kahlers may have smoother operation, but they'll go noticably out of tune after moderate to heavy string bending.