ok so i know very little about scalloped fretboards, so could someone explain exactly the purpose of them, and any tonal features the neck modification provides.


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i believe it's scalloped frets... but im not sure cus i know next to nothing about it too
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About the LHC

the wood between the frets is curved inward between each fret, instead of flat. It makes it easier to do vibrato, and probably some other things, but vibrato is the only one i know.
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basically, they change the way you play. you need to have a very light touch so that the string doesnt bend to much.

means you use less pressure, so can play faster. can also bend differently.

thats all i know really

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Malmsteen and Richie Blackmore of Deep Purple use them. The wood between the actual fret wire is filed down to leave shallow 'U's. They supposedly make vibrato easy as you only have to push down on the fretboard, but they're a bastard to use because you have to apply the right amount of pressure, as not to make the note sharp or flat. A mate of mine did it to a strat neck and it was a nightmare to play chords on. So they are an acquired taste as they are hard to get used to.
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oh ok. and fyi im positive its the fretboard to lexaah

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They make it so you dont have to push as hard when you play, so you can go faster. They also have more sustain and are easier to perform vibratos on...
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