I can't find this information anywhere.
Is it as wide as Gibson Les Paul? Can someone help me?
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I coundnt really tell the difference from a wizard 2
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Nah cant help you mate, google didn't turn anything up, and a few forums seem to think that schecter didn't publish them.
Only thing i could suggest would be to e-mail schecter, and ask if they could send you the dimensions
My C-1 Classic is about 42mm wide at nut. About 22.5 mm or so at 1st fret and about 23.5 mm or so at 12 fret if I remember correctly. So, not very thick from a Wizard 2.
I didn't notice that Hellraiser was different. Maybe it helps.
Maybe it's exactly what I needed. I always wanted my Wizard 2 neck to be a little wider at the nut.
When Schecter replied I will publish the info here for everyone. Let just hope that they do...
Got the answer from Schecter support today... *PHew* It really took some time.

Model : Hellraiser C-1
Width@ nut : 42mm
Width@12th : 51.2mm
Thickness@1st : 21mm
Thickness@12th : 22.5mm
Radius : 13.8"
Profile : Thin-U

I also asked for a C-1 Extreme Plus to see if there is any big different between them.