Well I was looking at these three types of guitars and out of the three I've played one, The strat. It was a MIM. I was curious as to which I should get concerning the fact that I like classic rock and rythym guitar. I heard teles and lps are good with rythym and clean....and I would prefer a Fender over an Epiphone, because I hear the low-end epiphones are bad But I'm stuck with this. I like the way both strats and teles look. I'm trying to find a tele with a humbucker in the neck position though and I can't spend any more than $500, even that is pushing it. I wish I could find something less than $200. If you can help, please do.
Low end Epiphones are bad, yeah, but Les Paul Standard and up are great. My LP Standard is as good as any MIM Strat I've played in terms of quality, plus, I like the sound more of a LP. So if you play rythm and maybe one or two not to complicated solos and not need the better upper fret access that a Strat has I'd say go for a Epi LP Standard, but always play the guitar you're buying, as there are bad ones, and at this pricerange it's a higher risk, but even the Gibsons for $2000 is bad sometimes. If you go for something else, don't go lower than a Epi Standard or a Fender MIM Standard. I mean it, the guitars under that, they're not worth it. Seriously. You should be able to get a Epi LP Standard for around $400.
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