Hey folks,

I've been playing guitar for about 6 months now. I play just for me in that I'm not in a band, don't play out, and rarely have anyone to jam with. But I do some home recording of my own music. I don't anticipate this will change any time soon.

I don't own any pedals, and my amp doesn't have distortion. I was thinking about buying a multi f/x pedal to overcome this and wonder if everyone agrees it might be the right way to go.

Fender Mex Standard Stratocaster (3 single coil pickups)
Fender Blues Jr. Tube Amp

Music styles I like to play:
Pink Floyd, Coldplay, Metallica, Led Zep...(lots of different effect styles)

I'd like to get many different sounds which is why I was thinking going Multi.

If you agree it's the way to go, do you have any recommendations on pedals? The cheaper the better, but no more than $300. Being the newb that I am, I'd prefer one with fewer to no knobs, as knobs confuse me But if you need knobs to get a decent one, that's fine.

I just got the Zoom G2.1u yesterday for 200 (AUD) of Ebay, and ive seen it from american ebay sotres for about 185-200 US Dollars, and for the price its a damn nice pedal, and its not to dear, So try it yourself, i like it, the presets are good, and its really easy to tweak and get your own tone

Also the zoom has comes with a piece of recording software, (mine did anyway) and via USB, you can hook it up to your PC, perfect for recording
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uumm...i'm not sure where you guys are located but you can get a Digitech RP250 for $150 US dollars. new. i like mine OK

like the Zoom and similar products (Boss ME pedal too i think) you can connect to PC via USB for editing effects, downloading new effects, recording, etc

do a Search on these products as we've talked about it extensively lately.
Since the POD X3 is out you may be able to pickup an XTL for close to $300 (got mine at GC for $360 about 6 months ago). If your willing to go that high get into the amp modeling. If your Blues jr takes to amp modeling like my Valve Jr does it will breath new life into your rig. Lots and lots of dials however, but yeah, you really have to have them. The plus side is you'll be rewarded with so much tone it wwill keep you busy for a long time.
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