After searching through Limewire for about an hour, i only saw like 3 that I actually liked, because they were all just.. like pop. I need some good ones. I only have scarified, Metal dog, and get out of my yard.

EDIT: no
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go buy his cd's. he came out with a new one called silence followed by a defeaning roar.... its awesome
I see no sign of fortress.
Most of his solo stuff is really heavy pop music.

Download some Racer X. His first band, 80s metal, etc. I'm sure thats what you're looking for. Scarified is Racer X, not Paul Gilbert. He just happened to play it and possibly write it.

His newest two albums are all shred. They are Silence Followed by A deafening Roar and Get Out of My Yard.
Would Mr. Big also be in that category? he played with the band i guess.

You also might like Steve Vai.

EDIT: nice motto by the way....