Hey everyone, I want to upgrade the pickups in my Squier strat...I know, some of you will say just get a guitar, but I say nay!

Anyway, it's 3 single coils, but I want something that can handle distortion as well as a single coil can, and still have a great clean sound...

Any ideas??? I would prefer not to spend my life savings on this, since, it's a squier.

new pups will only be worth it/have any affect with a decent (valve) amp

save for a new amp first
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
I'm going to have a Vox ad30vt, which is the only amp I will want, therefore, the next step for me is pickups.
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why do you want new pick ups?

because I have the amp I want, and the guitar I want, just not the sound quality out of my strat.
buy one of those mini humbuckers or whatever they're called... they're humbuckers but they are the same size as single coils
It depends on what you considar to be too much. How much are you willing to spend (don't be afraid to spend more than your guitar cost. A squire can sound better than an MIA strat when it has a good set of pickups and a resonable setup) and what exactly to you want to play? I mean... Hendrix had very different distorted tone than SRV and if you want to play metallica you have to look in a different direction again. Try to give use more info to work with. Also, what amp are you playing through? If you have a cheap SS amp half the people here will tell you get a new amp but even if thats not an option, we still need to know what you have in order to make a good recomendation about pickups.

Edit: Just read your sig and saw your amps. Yeah, new amps will help you a lot and if you have a couple hundred to spend it might be better off with something like a 5 watt valve amp. If an amp is not an option then we still need more info about your budget and musical style.
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