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This has probably been done before but....

Me and my friends were discussing what we would do if we only had one week to live.

Most of the things were stuff like drugs, skydiving, bungee jumping, and you can guess the last one.
Get naked.
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id do everything id want to do
take alot of chances.

edit: if i had one week to live, id get off ug.
and was that last one fap by any chance?
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i kinda wish we all had a penis and vagina instead of buttholes

i mean no offense to buttholes and poop or anything

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Everything that I ever thought I wouldnt do, like take drugs, drive great cars as fast as possible, try and have sex with as many hot girls as possible, steal? hit people i hate...

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Do you DIG?

Cos I DIG.
Was the last one to admit your love for each other?
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Forget about her, she seems complicated. Who wants a girl who answers in riddles? I'm not the fucking sfinx.

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Woah, woah. Back the hell up.

Polo shirt?


Of course he got all the girls, he's Rick Astley.
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eat the biggest block of cheese i could possibly find them puke on a rabbit baby

You have won a prize for making me spit milk everywhere and wanting to puke on a rabbit baby.
The DNA results show that Jeremy Kyle is a nob.

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I want to look at your sexual naked body.
get laid?
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I'd just chill for the entirety of the week and then on the last day, steal the Declaration of Independence and see how far I could get before getting brutally massacred.
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Was the last one to admit your love for each other?

lol i think WillPlayForFood got a bit of a better guess
meet muse
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i'd probably play team fortress 2 for a week. Oh, and I'd sell an organ or something to pay for a ridiculousy gorgeous girl to get nake and massage me and feed me while i played. Also there must be steak. I'm starting to think im gonna do this...
do something ridiculously stupid, get caught, then die in jail

Sweeping is for n00bs. I've moved on to vacuuming. Eventually I'll even try steam cleaning.

Bitches don't know
Oh yah, if i had a week left I'd want to do something millions of people are doing right now, because the little time I have left I want to spend doing something completely common...

I'd probably tell the people who I love I love them. Go to an isolated place like a lake, taking an acoustic guitar, a tent and just watch the sunrise and set every day, playing my guitar. Then on my last day, I'll sum my existence up with a few words on a piece of paper and burn it.
not fap




ok, fap

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long hair is cool mate

haircuts are for people in concentration camp
Have sex with the 4 chicks I currently want so bad, have some more sex. Play xbox360 for like an hour TOPS. Steal lots of shyt. Kill the current president of the US and his vice president (he cant become president either) on my last day just to see where I can get before being drilled full of holes by angry FBI NSA CIA etc... b*tcheeeees. Sex for the first 5 days with a variety of the hottest chicks I can find, then play and have lots a fun for the 6th day and no sleep. Then get high on the sickest drug that could hype me up to commit the murder depicted above.
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not going to school(only to meet some friends), not going to work
or i go to school with a 100watt amp and play there to annoy everybody

im sure i wouldnt drink much beer or take any drugs

meet the one girl....everyday

and some party
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Spend it ALL with my girlfriend! No matter what I'd be doing it'd be with her.
Buy every Ibanez JEM known to man. . or borrow. . as I'd be dead.
. . go to japan maybe
Well if there is anyone thats going to die in a week, thanks to this ****ing thread, they've just spent their last week debating about what they're going to do in their last week and just died. Congrats ppl.
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first off, id write up a will (incase i die before the week is up.)
once id gotten my assets taken care of, id steal a 64 Pontiac GTO, and drive it as fast as that ****er'd go. id spend as much time as i could with my girlfriend. id play as much guitar as i could. id screw my girlfriend hourly. id take any and all drugs i could find. id kick the crap out of a few people, just cause they're asshats.
last but not least, id send PMs to the entire UG community and tell you all how annoyingly hilarious you are!

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God, you've gotta be UG's only moron!

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that's right,you certainly are UG's only moron.

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Read the moron's posts, ironically enough he knows what he says.
Steal the alienz from Area 51. then go on a sex,drug, killing spree rampage.
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This day will go down in Lulzfamy.

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"just cause they're asshats."
Asshats-I haven't heard something that funny since I found out that people come out of vaginas.
GnR Rocks Slash Is The Shiznit, Anyone Who Disagrees Is Mentally Hilarious.
a) lose virginity with that girl I like, forcefully if not consentual
b) On my last day kill everyone i ever hated

and loads of other stuff too, then kill myself at the end i want control of how and when i die
Have a fist fight with a bear.

Go skydiving, scuba diving, take a pregnancy test (for the lols... Peeing on things is fun)
Pee on many important American statues and such.

Give any organs I could away, so long as I still had enough to survive. Try a smoke. Meet Buckethead!
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Get out of Canada.

I'd want to die in a nice place, not this shithole.
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
Become best friends with Chloe Agnew...

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