Hi people. Well, i will buy a new guitar, and I will have +- 1000€. So, here in portugal the S7320 costs 650€, and the RG1527 costs 1000€. My rig its a Engl 530 and a Peavey Classic 50/50 (May, 1993) . So, i need your help to decide if I buy the RG and only the RG, or the S more valves to the poweramp (i think he need new ones, they never were changed) an better valves for the preamp, new pickups for the guitar and a reverb pedal. What you think?
Personally I would get the RG1527 since it is of a much higher craftmanship quality and they just play awesomely. On the other hand, I hear much rant about the S7320 being an awesome guitar as well. Is there no way of trying them out in store?
s7 man, i dont understand why ibanez charges much more for putting mahogany on their hi end RGs. Its probably not that much better a cut of wood than the s series, the s series is really comfortable but powerful, the trem is really the best floyd around, its got a maple/walnut neck which is hot. All you need are 2 bareknuckles and you have the best metal guitar around.
^ The ZR will last me years? I had a S320, the trem is great, but i only had it for 4 months, and i don't now the duration of the trem.
edit: here in portugal, they dont have these guitars in stock. And its pretty diffficult to buy used. I know the wizards necks, they wouldn't be a problem.
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also id take the S, does it have 24 frets?
where did you see it for 650€?
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Actually, if you can be bothered sifting through these pages and asking the folk...

Ug's 7 string thread. It's got some details regarding RG1527 and the S7320 so check it out.

Alternatively, check out this website/ dedicated to 7 string guitars.
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wooo tugas

also id take the S, does it have 24 frets?
where did you see it for 650€?

Ei! Vi-a aqui www.thomann.de || I saw it here www.thomann.de . It have 22 frets.