Has anyone tried/own one?

The reviews on here always made to make everything seem the best possible piece of equipemt, I find forum reviews/opinions are more reliable...

So anyways, what are some of the pros and cons of this amp?

I've been looking into one as my next amp, I haven't found one to try out yet.

I play mostly thrash metal.
i hear they are very nice......
i want one very bad lol
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They sound ok without a BBE 422, killer with
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Very good for all types of metal, can also do quite a few other genres.
Very dark in voicing.
Cleans however aren't very good - they're usable, but if you want shimmery, bright cleans, look elsewhere.
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Great for metal!

I think they're great used, but can be beat at their price point if you're looking at a new one.

I was able to get a brand new 6505 for $800.00 which I felt was a great price.

Cleans are usable, but they have monster gain.

i don't really care for mine, i cant really get a good tone... so if your looking at one try it out. i'll try retubing it but i dunno. maybe i have a lemon
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FYI you can get one of these things used
If you do not already know they were once called the 5150 (the 5150 II is the 6505+, and the 5150 is the 6505). These are the equivalent amps, simply rebranded.
IF you play a lot of thrash metal, these will be good for you. They get a really good thrash metal tone.
They're okay. They seem like a Generic amp to me. Hard to get a good tone out of, but once you find one, it's gold. Too loud for most, people, and there are a lot of amps that are more specialized.
It's okay, but play it before you buy it. I had my heart set on one, played it, and thought it was meh.
i think they are great amps.
once you find a good tone its just an amazing sound.
perfect for thrash.
cleans arent too great though
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I absolutely love mine. Fantastic lead channel. Cleans leave something to the imagination though.
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i don't really care for mine, i cant really get a good tone... so if your looking at one try it out. i'll try retubing it but i dunno. maybe i have a lemon

Yup that's how it was with mine. They sound great recorded but I could never get mine to sound the same live.
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I tried one out and didnt really care for it, messed with it for about half an hour and couldnt get a sound i liked out of it, could have been the peavey cab it was hooked up to but idk. To me my V2 destroys it
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use the search function please. there are litterally 1 billion post about this already
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