So I picked up an Epiphone Galaxie 25 in a trade on UG, and I've had it for a couple days now. It's a neat little amp (25 watts from two EL84's in class A, 1x12" combo, tube driven reverb, no master volume) but it's suprisingly quiet. Perhaps my ears are broken, but I don't think it's pushing as much air as it should. I ran it full out (all the EQ bands dimed, and the volume dimed, no reverb) without breaking a sweat, or ever hurting my ears at all.

I tried some different tubes, including swapping the power tubes for some Mullards without biasing, just to see if the stock sovteks were muckered up. They wern't, it was still oddly quiet. I played with the preamps tubes, and it still quiet.

So, GG&A, what do you think? Are my ears accoustomed to louder things? Is the Celestian 70 80 in the amp just a quiet speaker? Or is something else amiss?

Thanks in advance!
Either it's biased SUPER SUPER cold, the speaker's shot, or you got ripped off.

EDIT: Didn't actually help. Run another amp through the speaker to test it. If it works, f*ck with the bias, but FOR GOD'S SAKES BE CAREFUL! If that doesn't help, try to trade back, or failing that tell everyone on UG that he's a total douchebag.
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It might be bad wiring. All the tubes are glowing right? Check that you're cables are good too.