Hello all. I used the search bar but couldn't find anything on this. Forgive me if I missed something.

Anyway, I just got a Schecter Damien-4 and I really like it. The only thing is there is some fret buzz on the first couple of frets on the E string, so I figure I need to get it set up. I would like to get it set up so that I can tune to D standard. My questions are, how much more expensive is getting a bass set up than a guitar set up? And also, I guess it has medium tension strings on right now since it's straight from the factory. What are the smallest strings I can put on and still acheive a comfortable and good sounding D standard tuning?

Sorry for the lengthy post.
In the US, a set up can cost between 30 - 50 dollars and that usually will include the price of your strings. Even though I will do minor adjustments to my bass throughout the year, I always get 1 - 2 pro set ups done. Its like a gift to myself and the bass.

As far as string gauge, I wouldn't recommend going below a medium guage string, but I am going to leave that to others to confirm or deny.
That is good to know. I expected it to be more expensive. Thanks for your reply anarkee.

So medium tension strings will be thick enough to get me down to D standard?
And could you suggest strings that would be good for playing metal, specifically in the vein of Death?
Any string is good for anything, it's a matter of what you like. Personally I wouldn't use anything other than Rotosound, until I find there's anything better (AVAILABLE IN NORTH AMERICA YOU ELITE LOVING SOBs!). For tuning down a step, medium should be fine.