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i want to know what was the biggest crowd youve ever played for. mine was about 275-300. and by big i dont just mean huge crowd, i also mean important. if you have opened or played a filler for a big band (someone signed and somewhat known) let UG hear about it. also, if you have played for over a thousand, please include you bands name, thanks
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Soon its going to be around 1000+ in the summer we may be doing a gig at the Brighton Centre. Although nothing confirmed yet (its a huge thing with loads of bands...)
this saturday I will play my real first own gig with my friend infront of about 100-200people... Pink floyds - Dark side of the moon btw^^
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About 1,000 in a football stadium. It was with my friend's band, he was sick so I went on the road with them playing drums. A lot of fun.
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around 500ish
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and 1.

2 gigs yet.
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About 200

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Who do you guys think has the most succesful band on UG. like in terms of record contracts/radio hits. Any of you know??
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300ish i think.. at my school ;]
Lol we got a mosh pit going through Enter Sandman (kinda lame...), so the head teacher came in trying to break everything up and got punched round the face .. was awesome
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400 at my school
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Over 9000.

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1600, at my school, not with the school´s band, but with a local band i played with.
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Soon its going to be around 1000+ in the summer we may be doing a gig at the Brighton Centre. Although nothing confirmed yet (its a huge thing with loads of bands...)

Details man, I live in Brighton..
Played to around 200 last night. Playing to around 800 at a local festival in around 2 months time. Can't wait
Probably about 600-700.
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like 30 tops, at a party.
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