Hi, we've just written a new song "LOSING FAITH" so decided to record it, all our other songs were guitar based so this is a first for us... so could you please gives us critique advice or whatever

the link www.myspace.com/thelacesuk

feel free to add us aswell! and if you want C4C just leave a link


The Laces

I like the chords what is played on the piano! the notes the singer sings are allso not bad, but the way it is sand wasn't that great. In my opinion it misses soal. give it all you got, not vollume wise, but emotional wise. I'm sorry if you guys are doing your best, but I think you can be better!

Now there are some things I am missing in this song, melody! when there is no singing it's just those chords what are the same again and again. Not that it's a bad thing to repeat the same chords, that happens in a lot of songs. What I'm trying to say that it can use some little "solo" parts in when you are not singing. go tweak a bit and axperiment a bit with the other hand to add just some notes, doesn't have to be great, but now it's a tad empty.

Here is my new song:
Haha I was checking this out when I went back to my thread and ended up in this one again! I like it, I thought the same with some of the people above me, and also the piano's chords were a bit too deep to match the vocalist's tone. Overall though, I liked it.
I pretty much agree with what's been said so far. Add some more parts - spice it up a little. You're using a pretty common chord progression so if you want to stand out, you're gonna have to add some zest. Maybe a key change or at least a different progression. Anyway, not bad for an early effort and as you write more songs, more parts will just come naturally. Good luck in your future as a songwriter!

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The piano's pretty repetitive, it could definitely do with a change or some further instrumentation. The vocals are a bit weak, the singer just doesn't seem very confident, can't control his pitch very well, although he improves nearer the end in both respects. It's just quite plodding, needs a bit of dynamic variation, otherwise the lyrics and vocals have to be a lot stronger.

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The feeling in the start is awesome. The piano swells up alot.

The singer isn't very confident, needs more practice! He is however pretty musically talented.. seeing hes trying to give the listener the right feelings.

The song gets abit repetitive after awhile. Whats the chord progression? I'm too lazy to grab it out right now.

Nice song, just needs more work! =)
Hi, thanks for all the crit, admittedly our singer does need a bit of practice, but because he recorded he couldn't add in the liek melody part of piano while singing, cuz he says he cant play and sing but yeah thanks for all the crit!!! any more???

C4C of couse



cool anymore crits, also just tell me if iv'e forgotten to crit yours cuz im not being lazy just forgetfull


The chorus is catchy and I ended up singing along towards the end. As said before the vocals are a bit drab but he [the singer] has potential, in the sense that he conveys the meaning of the song quite well . The chords progression is good, just needs a little bit of lead to break the cycle of repetiveness. It's a very good song as a basis of something that I'm sure will become much better when you add a little more to it. Overall I really did enjoy it and I will listen to it again.
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i just got new recording equipment so hopefully soon there will be some proper gd quality recordings up