A Gibson les paul and a gibson les paul
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you can be jesus.

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most useless response i think i have ever seen on any forum ever.

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A Gretsch Tennessee Rose with the finish from a Dean Cabbie (Yellow with black and white checkerboard sides).

I'm off to change my underwear now...
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Ibanez JEM and an Ibanez S series.
This seems to make the Herman li signature model. Now I'm by no means a Dragonforce fan but that guitar does look tasty, not gonna buy one though, too much money.
Plus my image of a mix of the two would be different.

Also a strat mixed with shred features (trem, HSH, 24 frets etc) but that'd make a JEM so just stick an S onto that
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that was an epic win
best thing ive read all day

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A Gibson les paul and a gibson les paul

Welcome to the world's first, one ton guitar!


A Schecter Blackjack ATX and a Squier Hello Kitty Strat.


Damnit... I keep putting that Hello Kitty project off to the side, and keep getting new ideas for it...
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An ESP SV (I like the cutaway they have that the Jacksons don't) and the new Jackson Demmelition V. Basically an SV with the Demmelition cutouts on the bottom. And paint black with purple bevels.
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A M4 with strings.


A mix between a RG and a RR.
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a rr5 and a gretsch chet atkins
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