On the clean channel do you guys get a loud (well somewhat loud) hum or noise?

I only get that on the clean channel but if i turn it to channel b it goes away. Is my amp just messed up or what? i bought it like 2 or 3 months ago :/
Yeah, that and it kinda has this annoying buzz too, I've noticed, when I kick in my distortion pedal

I definitely trading in this amp when I can.
-White Fender Mexican Standard Tele (Newly Acquired!)
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thats the wierd thing, i dont notice anything except for when on the clean channel :/

I tried recording on my computer and i would get a lot of extra noise on the clean channel then when i would hit the foot switch, that "extra noise" would go away
Well technically it's still on clean channel, but I have a distortion pedal working over it.
-White Fender Mexican Standard Tele (Newly Acquired!)
-ProCo Rat 2
-Dunlop GCB 95 Crybaby
-Fender FM DSP 25
Well, i still have the same annoying sound so long as its on the clean channel.

But this "sound" is a problem with all fm25's?
i never had a problem with mine.... exept that i killed at at a gig... lol a couple years ago i had one and i was in a band we got a gig and durring it my drive channel fried and the circuts on th eboard were melting and smokeing i was just too awsome for it lol... but it might be wireing
is that question posed towards me or vintage?

I have a yamaha EG112, with the standard pickups. The noise isnt even that noticable, i think it is just the standard noise that emits from it when it gets turned up. I turned the volume from 5 to 4 and its pretty quiet now :/
yea - i was asking you bboyjon as some single coils can add unwanted noise but if you are talking about hiss that 'isnt even that noticable' then yes that is prolly normal for your amp...you said 'somewhat loud hum or noise' at first which is why i was curious.

sounds like you are good
it was loud but i guess now it isnt lol. Probably because i turned the volume down from 5 to 4. When its at 5 its some what noticeable and then past that its annoying :/