This a thread for all the times you have done, seen or acted on something and in return make you: "Shit Bricks".

My most recent is when i woke up this morning for college with a raging hangover and aching limbs from last nights alcohol-fuelled gig, rubbing my eyes, o took a shower and got changed, got my college work in my bag and then tried to find my Ipod that i had put at the bottom of my bag that i took last night. Omg.
It wasn't there.
First reaction was: Maybe it's in my jeans?
Seconds reaction: Someone has stolen or it or left it at the bar!
Thats when i shat bricks...
It was a brand-new IPod Nano 8GB (Black) and had cost me ridiculious amounts of money (£100 to be honest...)
I was in despair, it was brand new, not even a week old, and i had lost it! I was kicking myself, panicking, almost on the verge of punching a wall or crying. I was shatting bricks!
I was about to call my mate Neil is despair to see if he had seen or it or could ring up the venue to see if it had been handed in...Damn..
Just then:
My sister barges through my bedroom door and looks at me and says, "Can you stop leaving you bloody IPod on the stairs, i nearly trod on it!" and hands me my shiny IPod...

It must have fallen out of my jeans when i stumbled upstairs to bed that morning at 3am...
I had only been awake for 15 minutes and already i was terrified!

Share your stories....NOW
I really have to go to the bathroom right now...

I'll tell you if bricks come out, just gimme a few minutes.
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ok so one time i had to take a ****, and what do you know? bricks.
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one time, i....

.....nah, i shouldnt tell it.....

....oh go on

one time i used the SEARCH BAR

i truly did shat

theres a thread about 'post a story where you panicked like a girl for no reason' every day at least
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Once I left my mp3 player in the tray for personal effects at the xray machine in the security cue at Stansted airport.

I shat bricks when I realised, but I got it back.
I did that with my iPod today. I put it somewhere in my bag that I used to put it, and I panicked lots. Fun stuff.
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
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ok so one time i had to take a ****, and what do you know? bricks.

Yeah, I did.
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I did that with my iPod today. I put it somewhere in my bag that I used to put it, and I panicked lots. Fun stuff.
The funniest thing is when you're actually using it with music playing and you reach for the place it usually is, and it's not there and you get that twinge of panic despite the fact that you're actually listening to music from it so it must be on you somewhere.
I remember when I was about 12, I smashed a light ouside my house using my amazing football skills. Infact I smashed 3 lights, a glass roof, and quite a few vases/ornaments. I shat myself eachtime.

when i was up in DC, i took my Les Paul with me (i cant be without a guitar for more than a few hours at a time.) and i left it in its case in the hotel room, right next to the window.
so after bumbling around the city for a few hours i went back to the room to play guitar and then go get a bite to eat. so, i went to get it out of the case, and i realized it'd been in the sun for more than 8 hours.

now, if you know anything about guitars, you know heat, and cold affect your baby.

a lot.

so i panicked, checking all the spots where different pieces fit together. i made sure my finish wasnt bubbled. so on and so forth.

i didnt stop ****ting bricks untill it'd come back down to room temp.
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Well, once i got home and i usually have my swiss knife with my door keys in my jeans pocket.
Put i put my hand in my pocket and couldn't find it there....
And I shat bricks... But then i found it in my jacket's pocket... So no more bricks!!!

On another instance i couldn't find my keys walking out of my gym... and i shat bricks thinking i must has left it somewhere in the gym...
But then i checked my gym bag and they were there... so no more bricks!!

Oh and worst was this one dream i had:
I go to college and find out its the day of my chemistry exam. And i haven't done any study, i was gonna fail the freaking exam which meant i had to repeat the whole freaking year again!!!
And this was the point i really shat massive bricks!!!!
Yes, i shat bricks in a dream!!! It was that hardcore!!!!

But then i woke up and realised i had 20more days till the exam to no more bricks!!!
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When I was younger, I swung at a big-ass mosquito with a hammer to kill it.

However, I didn't pay any attention to the fact that the insect was sitting on our picture window.

I shat bricks, and I got in trouble.
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Well, I was super hungry so I walk into the shed, pulled out some bricks, swallowed them, and two hours later I was ****ting bricks.
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I remember in one of my old jobs, we could call back and forth to eachother on little headsets. On one such instance, me and my work mate started bitching about the boss, calling her a fat bitch n that, and generally making ourselves feel better that she was doing half the day we do for double the pay.

I shat bricks when a colleague told me the calls are recorded and every now and again the boss listens to them :S

Luckily for us, this was one of the instances that the stupid bitch of a boss took a 3 hour lunch break and bunked off 3 hours early afterwards.
My car is old, secondhand, and pretty much a piece of crap. But I rely on it for a lot of things. The very first day I got this car, I went to the store and came back, made dinner, et cetera, and then recieved a call from a friend. She wanted me to pick her up, and being the owner of a new-old car, I was happy to oblige. So I reached for the keys on the hook and...they weren't there. No big deal, right? I checked my pants pockets, jacket, the car itself incase they got left in there, but nothing.

I was ****ting so many bricks. I knew they had to be somewhere near since I had gotten back from the store not too long before and I obviously had them then, but I was freaking out for a good ten minutes before I finally found my keys.

On the counter next to the stove, where I had sat them while I put the groceries away. *facepalm*
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