Okay so my standard Vantage guitar hit another brick wall whilst getting used to my new life of band performing. I swear my guitar hates me. With a huge vengeance.

Long story short, something's happened to my bridge and my tremolo arm has been rendered useless. The string's seem higher up from the fretboard than usual and whenever I bring my tremolo arm to action my right hand can't do anything with it, because the space between the tremolo arm and the strings themselves is about 2-3 mm. Infact the straight part of the arm scrapes along the strings on the way up. I did think that unscrewing the tremolo arm half-way to create manouvering space was quite a good idea until I found out it left my guitar insanely out of tune. If anyone can help me fix this problem then I'd love it, because I'm awful at repairing guitars.