Hello! I bought yesterday my very first electric guitar (yamaha Rgx 721) and a friend of me lend me a 25W 1988 Carlsbro Scorpion Lead. The problem is: the amp has the following inputs: INPUT, DIRECT INJECTION, PHONES, REMOTE SWITCH (and then the control knobs like gain, treble, reverb and volume). It happens that when I connect the guitar to the INPUT hole, I can never obtain a clean sound (even if the gain is on 0 and volume on max) and the only way to the amp to sound is to put Gain and Volume knobs on max and all of the other on minimum. If I connect the guitar to the DIRECT INJECTION hole, I can only obtain a clean sound, no matter how the other knobs are positioned, and even if Volume one is on 0 the sound still comes out! If i connect the guitar to Remote Switch, I get no sound.

I don't understand a lot of Direct Injection...I mean...I don't understand a lot of amps, lol. So, people, what I want to know is: What do I have to do to make my amp work like a normal amp (connect it to Input and be able to regulate volume, gain, treble, reverb, etc...)

Thanks a lot people for wasting your time on me! I'd be grate If someone helps!!
umm get a new amp lol if ur a begginer get a Micro Cube or a cheap Marshall
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i did some looking around, the direct injection is an output. dont put it in there. turn both the volume down fairly low along with the gain. see how that works and im going to do a bit more looking around.
Sounds to me like you need a better amp. That one sounds like it's pretty screwed up!!
Thanks Guys Specially 51vh50. I Turned Volume And Gain Both Down And Now It Sound Much Better. Thanks A Lot