Anyone play them? I'm particularly interested in the avion model, the les paul look alike
They're pretty decent for the price. The construction quality is pretty hit or miss, so you might want to actually play the one you're going to buy. You'll probably need to adjust it to your liking. But as for sound, it's very comparable to an Epiphone Les Paul but for much less money. You get the same quality parts, but again, construction is my main concern.
I own three at the moment that I couldn't be happier with, considering how little they cost me. A Formula tele-copy, a Royale semi-hollow (signed by Greg Bennett himself), and an acoustic-electric. All three are very well put together, sound great and the action nice and low, making playing them fun.

Granted, I've seen some pretty bad ones put together, and all mine were professionally setup (except the Formula which I did myself). I would definitely try before buying, but once you find a nice one and have it set up, it can be a real gem, especially considering how little they cost. I don't know if it's due to the special relationship I happen to have with the Greg Bennett dealer in my area, but if I ever noticed anything "off" that they missed, if they couldn't take care of it, Greg Bennett customer service was very quick to remedy the situation.
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i got an avion av3 its blue te pics are on my page i love it i sounds great looks great and works great for me kudos to greg bennett
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