iv got a randall rh50t, just a few hours old!
just noticed a rattle happening and its got abit louder.
iv pinpointed it to a box underneath next to the tubes.

from some research i am assuming this is the reverb spring?
if so is there anything i can do about it as it gets really annoying when playing reasonably quietly, it especially happens when playing the 7th fret of the e and a strings!
Yours too?

I tightened the protective sleeves on my 12AX7's and its pretty much gone on my Palo.

They were almost to the point of coming off

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

sorry, not quite sure what you mean by the sleeves? as in the casing thats round them?
iv been told alot of tube amps do this, just wondered if there was a way of helping it, it doesnt affect the sound so its not overly important.
its just annoying!
Sounds like crap construction. A well made amp should have no rattles at high volumes. Take it back. If it just rattles when you move it though, its normal.
i would take it back, but iv been waiting 4 months for it!
iv done a search and more expensive heads have done the same, as in the reverb spring rattling!