I have a Hiwatt DR-103 that I was originally going to post on eBay but I wanted to give the community a shot first.

Here's the details:

-Serial dates it to 1972.

-Cosmetically, it's a 6.5 out of 10. This thing has seen the road to rock stardom (and back!) Some tolex is torn and there's some dirt that can easily be cleaned off.

-Structurally, it's still very solid--like a Hiwatt was meant to be. The handle, however, is present but broken.

-Has the original Partridge power transformer, but the output transformer was replaced by a terrific Dagnall (a beautiful old original, not the ones you see in Plexi reissues). I have a feeling this was done a LONG time ago in the UK--just a hunch.

-The wiring is beautiful and exacting--just as it should be.

-It's as loud and as clean as you imagine it to be. I've never pushed the Master past 2.5 for fear of killing all the animals in my neighborhood.

-It sounds incredible to my ears--I will probably never own another amp quite like it. But because the output transformer was replaced, I don't know if it sounds "exactly" like a Hiwatt should sound. It sounds exactly as I expected it to from years of listening to Pete T. and David G., but I don't exactly have another completely original 1972 DR-103 to A/B it with. Standing in front of a blazing 4x12 cabinet is pretty different from listening to recordings of The Who. You're a guitar player, so you know what I mean.

Now, for the business part:

-I'm not interested in trades. The cash from this sale will buy an engagement ring.

-I live in the San Francisco East Bay Area. Because of the nature and value of the item, I am not willing to ship it. I am, however, willing to drive up to ~2 hours to get it into your hands, or meet you halfway, or whatever.

-I fully expect that you'll want to hear it/play it, however my current living conditions do not allow it to be turned up to a volume suitable for evaluation. I am willing to drive to your location (without a cabinet) for you to try it and play it. Obviously, you'll need a cabinet to try it out with.

-Please don't make me drive ~2 hours only to tell me that you just wanted to try it out and "you'll let me know." I am not Guitar Center. Please be serious if you want to meet up.

-And finally, my asking price is $1400.00. This is how I've justified it: I've been monitoring sales of DR103s on eBay for the last eight months (there have only been six amps that I've counted in that time period). Outside of the replaced output transformer (which I realize is a deal breaker for many of you), I've never seen one go for LESS than $1700, plus shipping (which I would estimate to be roughly $100--this thing is HEAVY.) There was one exception in which the Buy It Now price was set at $1000 and it was an "As is, I'm selling it for my friend, there's been all kinds of modifications done to it" type of sale. If my asking price is crazy, by all means let me know WHY and I will listen to you. "I can only afford $900" is NOT a reason. I figure that you can find an original Partridge and someone to install it for around $300.00.

-I will post a link to detailed, high-resolution pictures by this weekend.

I think that covers everything. I know that was long, and if you made it this far, thank you. If this route doesn't work out, you can find it on eBay in a few weeks.
Seems like you did your research but unfortunately i do not have the money, so instead i congratulate you on your future engagement and wish you luck with your sale.
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Thank for the kind words, HyperBoy. I did do a ton of research and I hate to part with this thing but it's time. I won't be playing any arenas any time soon. If you know anyone interested in a Hiwatt DR-103, please send them here!
So I've decided that the beast is going on ebay. I've had a few PMs and some interest but no one has come through.


- I have posted high-resolution photographs, which can be seen here: Hiwatt DR-103 Photo Gallery

- It has been thoroughly tested by Skip Simmons (you amp junkies NEED to check out his site), who is the only person in Northern California I would trust to play doctor on this beast.

- It has the original old Mullard EL34s, and one of them tested bad (not bad for being so old). I currently have it running off two EL34s, but the other two (1 bad, 1 good) will be included. Find a set of power tubes you like and you'll be at full power!

You can see from the pictures that it has seen many miles and many gigs on the road, but it's built exceptionally well, as you would expect, and the work that has been done to it over the years has always been very respectful, and faithful, to its tone.

I will be posting this on eBay on Thursday as a 10-day auction.